Hey, hey…it feels so good to be here, been so effin busy and super stressed, and super sleepy. Between getting over toxic people to preparing for my first examination as a sophmore to lauching my bikini crochet line to staying sane and rising above 53kg its been crazy.

Anyways this post is about my love for headwraps Quick question…what do to headwraps signify to you? (drop comments below)

Well for me, it signifies a lot of things. Like two days ago, it was a form of release for me. How?

Now some people find headwraps to be an old-fashioned trend, and somewhat womanly(if that’s a word). Someone even called it primitive, amd that is what i went for. On elaboration, she said whenver i wear headwraps, i look more mature, more in control, somewhat powerful and unfuckwithable, you know, and that is a mood, it does actually feel good to feel those things. And you find out, you actually have control of your life, you just need to own it, and be it. I’m still stressed? Kinda, but i’ve realised that i’m a Queen with a Crown and i’m in charge. So i don’t know what a heawrap means to you but on that day, for me, it was primitive.

I have a headwrap page, which is not so functional yet, as it was and still is my selfcare page, but in future times, i’ll have headwrap tutorials and selfcare talks. @the_dautaheadwraps.

Go get your Crown Queen!

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Kemisuccess Oludimu.



Hey hey, happy new year people! So….i opened a new blog. A fresh start, a clean slate to finally be me, and do me, it’s 2019, time for a change and some good air.

It’s been beautiful so far, and the motto is ‘cut away the toxic’ : friendships, relationships, habits, step out of that shell and do you…feel like the badass you are and own it. Ain’t nobody worth the stress honestly, if they’re for you, it won’t be stressful, you won’t feel the need to change or hide who you are, and mostly importantly, you’ll be at peace, so make your peace and be at peace.

Do not go back to your past friendships or relatiomships out of boredom, or fear of the hurt you’ll feel when you let the person go…do not go back to your vomit, let it go.

It’s funny how most times, we know we’re about to get into some friendships or relationships and make some decisions that would have hurtful consequences on the long run because there’s no future. There’s no harm in telling yourself the truth, it definately would hurt, but thats the price you have to pay for your peace of mind, let it go, stand your ground and let them go. You’re all that matters…you! Your health, your emotions, your sanity. Take the hints and know where you stand, know your worth, and what you deserve, and do not settle for less….c’mon sis you’re too cute for that. Be a Boss and Own it!

Oludimu kemisuccess

#thealphafemale #thekemisuccessway